Antenna photograph

A photo of the original antenna

The Battle of the Antenna occured August 24th 2013. The antenna was a high powered Comm Jammer built by the Dellers. Dr. Deller was there with Frank. Frank had a hexapus docked near the tower. 

That was when the Quads of Pain busted in. They destroyed all of the Dellers. They were supposed to blow up the comm tower, but they failed after the hexapus chased them away. 

Aaron ran after Dr. Deller and threw him to the ground and impailed his face with a katana. They ran to the The Quad Shuttle as fast as they could with the hexapus close behind. Once they made it they flew to the Vortex and killed the haxapus. 

Frank went in for questioning and QOP sent a probe to destroy the tower.