The great war of Siberia started on November 15, 2011. It all started a few days after Ian's invasion. Ian invaded the HQ and grabbed Aries' hermit crab, Herb, and executed him.

Aries planned revenge and challenged Ian to a fight to the death in his homeland, in Siberia. Ian had played Aries, and called his ecoterrorist friends to fight for him. Aries called for reinforcements, and that started a massive war.

There were two clans/packs involved. One, the Dark-Clan Army and The Canidae Pack. The Quads of Pain took Indiana and Jones' bush plane up and joined the quad air force fleet. Of cource on the other end it was Ian in a hunter jet. On the same day, Nov. 15th, the bush plane was shot down by a hunter jet. On the plus side, everyone survived. They also got the plane repaired and took flight once again.

The bush-plane shot a heat seeking missile into Ian's left jet engine. The engine exploded and the plane banked and eventually crashed. The Quads of Pain jumped out of the bush plane while it swooped to the ground. There were no survivors.

After a very long fight, the war ended on December 20, 2011 after the humans gave up.