Ethan is a Siamese house cat. He is a weapon designer and inventor for the Quads of Pain. He is also quite the wildcard.



  • Machine Gun
  • Knife
  • Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher
  • Grenade


Ethan was born into a family of Siamese cats in the country of Thailand. He had a mom, a dad, and a big brother. They were strays.

The next day, the family wandered too close to a top secret GEL lab. (This was when GEL was small, and wasn't led by Dr. Deller. But it was still corrupt.) A few scientists discovered the cats and decided to take them into custody for testing. They were all put in really small cages. Ethan was given a drug by the scientists during a test. It genetically manipulated him, and made him lose his sanity.

After that test, he was shoved back in his little cage. He then realized something: he was still a day old, and he was small enough to slip through the bars. So he broke himself out of the cage. But before he was able to break his family out, the humans caught him and tried to kill him. Ethan managed to escape and run as far away as he could. 

Ethan ran until he slipped and fell onto a moving car. It was a taxi, and it had one of those signs on the top. Ethan slid across the roof and grabbed onto the sign and regained his strength. The taxi stopped by a big boat. The boat was loading passengers and taking them to Tokyo, Japan. So Ethan jumped off the taxi and got on the ship. 

The boat left Thailand and made its way to Japan. Ethan was discovered about a day and a half later. The humans threw him off the ship because they assumed it was an infestation or something. So Ethan swan to the nearest island he could see. Coincidentally, that island was the Vortex. Ethan lunged onto the beach to take a break from all of the swimming. Then a big dog came out of the woods and chased Ethan down a big road. Eventually, an Aeta car pulled out in front of him and slammed on the breaks. A blue wolf stepped out and scared the dog away. That's when Ethan met Aaron, and was quadized and recruited to the QOP.


Ethan has appeared in all Quads of Pain stories so far.


  • Ethan is both insane in real life, and the story. (Not completely insane, but still pretty insane.)