Dorian is a chipmunk. He serves as the human intelligence for the Quads of Pain.



  • Aeta Revolver
  • Bamboo Rod
  • Claws


Dorian was once a human. Yes - it's true. This is why Dorian knows so much about the humans, and how he understands how their machines and weapons work. This is also the reason the rest of the quads don't trust him as much, and [Spoilers] why it was so easy for him to be found guilty at his trial.

So here's his story: There was a science facility that was accepting people to come in as test subjects, and Dorian joined. The scientists were experimenting on a way to swap bodies with people. In the lab, there was a chipmunk, and Dorian. They were both going to swap bodies.

But, when the machine was turned on, they all merged into one singular body. Both of their brains merged together, creating who we know as the real Dorian. So his human body was transferred into the chipmunk body, making him unbelievably tall - for a chipmunk. This explains why he isn't as small.

The scientists knew they would be sued, and neither of them knew what to do. So they took Dorian and shipped him away to where he'd be put in a zoo or circus, via plane. Dorian now had animal instincts, and he knew this plane was going to fly him to his death, or at least a very bad place. So he jumped. He just jumped out of the plane.

He crashed into the ocean, and swam to the nearest island. Lucky for him, he washed up on the island of the Vortex, soon to join his new fate, serving the Quads of Pain.


Dorian has appeared in all Quads of Pain stories so far.


  • Dorian was originally going to be a fish, but we agreed it would be better being a land animal.