Aries is a Russian Bobcat. He is the Quads of Pain's weapon intelligence.




When Aries was younger, he lived in a mountain range in Siberia. His master taught him a lot about how to use guns and swords, and he was planning on joining his master's quad team someday, the Quads of Time.

But then, one day, an ecoterrorist invasion occurred, and Aries' master's quad team was killed, along with the rest of the animals living there. Aries managed to escape, however, and fled to The Vortex, where he wandered around until meeting up with a wolf whose family was also killed. They joined together with a chipmunk and another cat to make their own quad team, the Quads of Pain.


Aries has appeared in all Quads of Pain stories so far.


  • Aries originally was supposed to change colors during emotion.
  • Aries is native of Germany, but he lives in Russia, so he's considered Russian.